Wedge Issues: "Mosque" in Lower Manhattan

I should really stop reading facebook. I mean really. Most of my friends have such a totally opposite world-view to my own that every-time I look at it I just cringe that people actually believe some of the things they post. The absolute worst is politics and religion. I think I'll tackle my thoughts on facebook in another post and instead focus on something more specific. I feel I must comment on the most cringe-worthy "issue" of all ... Dare I even mouth the words ... a "mosque" at the site of the former world trade center. Now I have a rule on the anti-blog and that is to refrain from offering my own whiny, ranting, opinion on whatever topic. My goal is to make you think and then make up your own mind. However, this being the anti-blog, and MY anti-blog, I get to violate my own rules! :) So without further ado: If you really don't have a problem with a mosque in any place, let alone in Lower Manhattan then you can stop reading here. You are welcome to con

Wedge Issues: On God and Country

July 4th falling on a Sunday this year presented a unique opportunity for Christian groups to spotlight the idea of the USA as a Christian nation. My own church had a sermon titled: "Is America still a Christian nation?" In fairness I can't speak to it directly because I was not in attendance this Sunday, however I would like to discuss how religion should or shouldn't play a role in our country and society. I think the debate I've been hearing is a little be short sighted. The questions are usually "Are we a Christian nation?", or "Were we a Christian nation?". We should be asking "What does it mean to be a Christian nation?" and "Should we be a Christian nation?" Were/Are we a Christian Nation? There was a large group of people that played a role in the foundations of our country. Some of them were Christians in the traditional sense but many of the more well known ones were Deists . In a nutshell Deists believe in God b

Life, Anti-Blogs and New Projects

A post you say! A post! Yes it's been a long while since I've written anything. I won't apologize as this is the anti-blog after all! There are a lot of reasons for my extended absence. Job, family, stuff seems to get in the way. I have a lot going on in my life. Just a brief catch-up on a few of the things I was doing: 1. Run for Governor. Well time got in the way of that too. Write me in. Unfortunately a grass-roots organization never materialized. And I just don't have the resources to take off from work to go door to door and request a 40,000+ signatures :). Write me in! 2. Wedge Issues. These will return in due time. Plenty to talk about. 3. Free Iran! Still very interested in what is going on there. Unfortunately there's just not as much news coming out. Please continue to pray for the people of that country. 4. Trains. Still being worked on. New pictures coming as soon as I get the next major pieces built. As for things I'm up to right now: The biggest


Hopefully most of you have heard about the ongoing unrest in that country. I encourage everyone to pray for the people there. May they have freedom and peace! Unfortunately it has not so far been the case. The main stream news media has been pretty far behind on the action. I'm posting a list of links here for anyone who wants to follow the action or if you want to help (yes there are ways) I've followed some on Twitter though its been difficult, there's so much to parse through. If you know nothing about Iran the best place to start is at Tatsuma's Iran Update page . Tatsuma is a user of who has done a great job of trying to consolidate information in one place. He provides a summary of what's happened as well as some insight into the major players involved. is a great place to find out what's going on as well. Fark is a news aggregation site with a community. At the time of this writing there were 34 discussion threads on the situation wi

43,991 is the magic number

Wikipedia was nice and consolidate the requirements for us. To run for governor I need 43,991 signatures ... of people that are registered to vote but did not vote in either of the major party's primaries. Technically I can run with 5000 signatures and $3750. So I guess if someone wants to donate to the cause we could work toward both goals :-D

I'm still here and I'm running for Governor of Texas

Yes really. (you are now thinking: what the heck! There's no way he can win) Well of course not, but that's not the point. The point is that I'm bored and I need to do something offbeat and wacky. As I posted to the official Chris Brown for governor facebook group there are several goals for my campaign: Step 1: getting on the ballot. Not 100% certain of the process yet but I know it involves filing some paperwork and making then either getting a few thousand signatures or paying a fairly hefty filing fee. We'll be exploring ways to come up with needed funding if there is a fee or a game plan for signatures. The good news is we've got a year before we can even file. Step 2: get on a major market or national newscast and say something wacky. (Maybe this should be the ultimate goal) Step 3: Get at least 20,000 thousand votes. That's a bit arbitrary though ... I guess I could set a loftier goal of 1% (which I think would be something like 80 - 90k depending on vot

Welcome Facebook people

The Anti-Blog is now simulcast to my friends on Facebook. Read it here or read it there. On deadline today but look for new Anti-blog posts Real Soon Now